Return solutions

66% of consumers buy more from sites offering easy returns (Belgium e-commerce survey in 2014)

Now you can integrate a returns solution thanks to the bpost sending service!


Nothing could be more simple: you create a space on your website or in your ad, explaining that you offer a returns service and that all the customer needs to do is contact you by e-mail.

How can I offer a free returns service?

For each return request you can either:

  • Create a label via our shipping site with your contact information as sender and recipient;
  • Or use the function "ask the recipients to choose their method of sending" by checking the options and prices.

After downloading the pdf of the label (prepaid by you), you send it to your buyer. Your buyer then only needs to print the label and deposit his parcel at a drop-off point – which is completely free.

How can I offer a paid returns service?

State on your website that you use bpost’s site and indicate your preferred delivery method (address, postal point or parcel distributor). Then for each return request, you redirect your buyers to bpost’s shipping site to create and pay for the delivery. Your buyer then simply needs to deposit his parcel at one of the 1,250 bpost sales points or one of the 135 parcel distributors.