Who is the Online Shipping Service meant for?

The Shipping Service can be used by private individuals as well as businesses and freelancers (with or without VAT number).

How much does it cost to send a parcel?

You can send a parcel from 4 euros. All prices are VAT exclusive, except when it’s explicitly stated that a price is VAT inclusive.

In order to offer you rates that are among the lowest on the market, we’re offering you a service that’s better suited to your needs, taking into account the following:

  • The weight of your parcel
  • Its destination
  • The selected options
  • The delivery method.

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Can I also use the Online Shipping Service if I’m a bpost contractual customer?

Contractual customers are welcome to use the online Shipping Service, though shipping under the contractual terms and conditions would be cheaper. But feel free to request a quote if you’re sending more than 10 parcels a week.

What can I send via the online Shipping Service?

You can use the Shipping Service to send your commercial goods, gifts, documents and returns. Click here to make sure that the content of your parcel complies with the bpost agreements.

How long is my shipping label valid for?

The shipping labels produced via our bpost shipping website are valid for a maximum of 3 months following the date of payment. Beyond this deadline, your parcel will no longer be accepted.

I don’t want my surname/name or company to appear on the label.

This must always be shown on the label.

Why is it recommended to add the recipient’s email address and/or mobile number?

These fields greatly increase the chances of correct delivery, both in Belgium and abroad.

Can I request an invoice?

bpost does not issue invoices to customers (private purchases). However, it does issue a purchase invoice to professional buyers (professional purchases) as long as the latter enter their VAT or business number in the relevant field when paying online.

Invoice or proof of payment

When you make your payment, you have two options:

Option 1: Your basket only contains products and services without VAT. In this case, you may ask bpost for an official document by ticking the box ‘Please send me proof of payment’. This proof of payment is sufficient to be deductible and there is no need for an invoice as there is no VAT to be recovered on your purchase. You will receive this document in pdf format by email.

Option 2: Your basket contains at least one product or service subject to VAT. In this case, you can ask bpost for an official invoice by ticking the box ‘Please send me an invoice’. The invoice will be sent to you by post the following month.

In both cases, you have to explicitly make your request before each payment and these documents will only cover those parcels/options for which you made the request, even if you made separate purchases.

I did not request an invoice or proof of payment. Can I still receive one?

As far as our Shipping Service is concerned, invoices or proof of payment are only issued automatically as long as this has been requested during the purchasing process. It is therefore essential that you tick the box “I would like to receive an invoice/proof of payment” when you place your order

I am a freelancer and I don’t have a VAT number. How can I receive an invoice?

We can only issue an invoice if we’re provided with a VAT or business number. Furthermore, you don’t need an invoice if you are exempt from paying VAT since there is no deductibility as regards VAT administration in this case. Also, some of our products are VAT exempt.

However, regarding your accounts and the acknowledgement of your purchase as “professional expenses”, the email confirming your order or the proof of payment, together with a proof of debit (bank statement) should in principle suffice for your purchase to be considered “professional”.

I requested an invoice for my order but I haven’t received anything yet. Is this normal?

In principle, it takes 2 to 4 weeks (following the end of the month) for an invoice to be issued, but this can sometimes take longer at certain specific times such as the Christmas or holiday periods. If you ticked the box “I would like to receive an invoice”, then your request has been recorded.

Can I receive an invoice for a foreign company?

Yes, you can receive an invoice for a Europe-based company via our shipping website. You can, however, contact us for a professional offer.

What does the monthly invoice include?

The monthly invoice includes your labels and monthly services for which you requested an invoice when making your payment.