How do I create an account and login

Do I need to register to use the online Shipping Service?

No. You don’t need to register to use our online labelling service. You can send your parcel via a “guest” account.

What are the advantages of creating an account?

Registering is very easy and provides a series of additional options:

1. Contact book

In the Contact book you can easily save your personal data and all your recipients.

Your personal data(1):

As the sender, you no longer have to enter your dispatch address for every dispatch. After your first dispatch, our website will automatically save your address. By default, your address will be used as the address of dispatch, invoicing and collection. You may at any time personalize each of these addresses via the contact book.

Your recipients(2):

The contact book allows you to easily save all the contacts/recipients to whom you send parcels.

Contact book options:

  • New shipment: This option enables you to generate a new label for one of your contacts from your contact book, regardless of the delivery mode.
  • Edit: Enables you to change your contact’s particulars and the delivery mode
  • Delete: Enables you to delete a contact

Mon carnet d'adresses bpost

You no longer need to enter your own address when you’re producing a label, requesting collection or invoicing.

2. Automatic recognition of recipients

Our website uses automatic identification (like Google) and as soon as you start entering the recipient’s name, it will suggest corresponding names from your address book.

3. Access to your shipping history

Via "MY SHIPMENTS" you can easily track your sent items, regardless of their status (pending, delivered…) as well as find the recipient’s details.

Your history options

  • E-mail barcode: This option enables you to send the recipient an email with information about the dispatch in progress (delivery address, tracking reference, barcodes)
  • Download label: You can download the label of your dispatch in order to print it
  • Copy: This option enables you to create a new label using the same information as that on a label created earlier (same parcel properties (weight, etc.), same delivery mode, same recipient particulars).
  • Proof of payment : you can download the proof of payment, provided you've requested it

Mes envois - des colis bpost

4. Alerts/notifications

Our website will display a lozenge in the menu, indicating that you have finalised but unpaid labels in your basket.

5. Overview of your emails to recipients

You will find your emails to recipients/addresses in your overview, under the ‘Unfinished shipments’ tab of your ‘MY SHIPMENTS’ page, which provides a summary of all your current and outstanding e-mails.

How to register with the online Shipping Service

Click on the « Create an account » button in the top right corner of your screen to register. Enter your personal details on this page or use your Facebook or Google account. In order to finalise your registration, you must however confirm your registration by clicking on the link which we will have sent to you by email (you will have 2 days to activate your account). You can then handle your shipments in a secure, password-protected environment.

Can I still change the data on my account later on?

Yes. You can change all your data, except for the country of dispatch, which must be Belgium.

I did not receive an activation email

The email may have gone straight into your “spam” folder. We recommend that you add the email address to your address book (Outlook, Gmail…) so as to ensure that you receive our emails.

If, however, this is not the case, you can ask us to re-send an activation email by identifying yourself on our website. As your account won’t have been activated yet, our website will offer to send you an activation email within 48 hours.

You have entered the wrong email address by mistake.

As the email address is wrong, you can create a new account with the correct email address.

I’m unable to log in

Your user name is the email address you entered when you registered. Please make sure you use the correct upper and lower case, i.e. the same signs you used when you created your new password.

I’ve forgotten my password

You can change your password by clicking on «Forgotten password». You will then be sent an email with a link to reset your password to the address you entered, provided you have an existing, active account. You must click on the link to create a new password.

Can I create several accounts under the same name?

It’s possible to create several accounts with the online Shipping Service; only the email address must be different. However, please bear in mind that you won’t be able to merge accounts later on. Shipments, invoices etc will remain separate.

Is it possible to register with a foreign address?

You don’t need an address to create an account. However, you do need a Belgian address to be able to send a parcel, request collection or an invoice.

The activation link no longer works.

You will have 48 hours, following the creation of your account, to click on the activation link. If the link no longer works, this means one of two things:

  • Either your account has already been activated
  • Or the 48 hour deadline has expired.

Don’t worry, you can either send your parcels without creating an account, or request an activation email by identifying yourself (our website will then offer to send you an email with a new activation link).

I’m logged out of the website

If you have not ticked the box “Keep my session active”, our website will close your session after 10 minutes if it’s been inactive. This is for security reasons.

I have selected “Keep my session active”, but I would like to change this option now.

To change your selection, please follow these steps:

  • Click on “My account” in the top right corner of your home page
  • Select “SignOut”
  • Click on “My account” to log in again and un-tick the box next to “Keep my session active”.

Please note that you will have to do this for every one of your computers, tablets and/or smartphones.

Is it possible to deactivate my account?

Yes. You can deactivate your account at any time. All you have to do is log in, go to your profile and choose the option “Deactivate my account”.