How to send a parcel


Send your parcel as a guest or create an account

With bpost, you don’t need to register to send your parcels.

If you’re sending your parcel without having registered, your data will only be used in case of return or if there’s a problem with your parcel.

You’re welcome to create an account, free of charge, if you wish to. This will allow you to save your profile and benefit from our additional options (find out more).

Choose your delivery method

For shipment in Belgium, bpost offers you a wide choice of delivery methods so as to meet your recipient’s needs as best as possible: delivery at the address of your choice, at one of our 1250 collection points, at one of our 125 parcel dispatching points (find out more).

Not sure about the delivery method to use? You can ask the recipient to choose the most suitable delivery method and place via our website.

Once you’ve determined the weight of your parcel and its delivery method, all you have to do is enter the information pertaining to the recipient.

Whatever the choice you make, we’ll deliver your parcel within 24h (working days). If, however, you would like a same day delivery,please request our Sprint Service (fr).

For international shipments, bpost offers you home delivery to 27 destinations via the online Shipping Service (our prices)(for other countries) but, above all, you have the possibility to ask your recipient to enter his/her address so as to avoid any errors.

Let the recipient choose his/her delivery method:

Get your recipient’s choice of delivery method

You have sold your goods but the recipient hasn’t provided you with all the information for your shipment label?

With our option ‘Ask the recipient’, it’s your recipient who will indicate his/her choice on our website. No more errors or endless emails!

You can:

  • Choose which delivery methods you’d like to offer (an address, a collection point or a parcel delivery box)
  • Hide shipping costs from the recipient
  • Choose how you’d like to inform the recipient
    • Personally by email
    • Leave it to bpost to send the recipient an email

Once the recipient has replied, you’ll receive an email so you can finalise your label.

Have you registered?
If you have, you can also find your request via the MY SHIPMENTS page.

Before paying for your national shipment, you can opt for the following:

Warranty and signature (+1 EUR)

You can purchase additional warranty cover for your parcels, for only 1 euro, and your parcel will be covered against damage and loss (up to €15.00 for documents and up to € 500.00 for goods depending on the content’s value).

This option also guarantees that the postman will request a signature from the recipient when he delivers the parcel (info available online).

Please note that this warranty cover is automatically included for all shipments exceeding 10kg in Belgium.

Confirmation of receipt (+0,50 EUR)

You can request to be notified by text message or email when your parcel has been delivered.

  • When it has been delivered to the addressee.
  • When it hasn’t been delivered because the addressee was absent. We will send your parcel back to the nearest collection point. You can inform the addressee (he will also receive a document in his letterbox).
  • When the addressee didn’t collect it at our collection point.

Payment by recipient (from +8,35 to 11,20 EUR)

The recipient will pay the amount of your choice (e.g. content’s price + shipping cost). The total amount will be transferred onto your bank account upon receipt. (Warranty cover and acknowledgement of receipt are automatically included.)(Find out more)

Pay online and print your label

Online payment

Your payment will be securely processed by Ingenico (formerly Ogone), at no extra cost.

Data about your payment and transactions are not kept on our system.

On our website, you can pay with: MasterCard, Visa, Bancontact, Belfius, KBC/CBC, ING and PayPal

Paying with your mobile (via qrcode) is also possible with bpost:

We offer the possibility to pay with your smartphone (you no longer need a calculator) if you’re paying via Bancontact, Belfius or KBC/CBC.

Is payment secure?

Of course! bpost works in partnership with a “Service Payment Provider” (Ingenico/Ogone) and has the following security standards in place: “Visa Certified” and “MasterCard Secured”. One of the main security requirements is the PCI DSS certification. PCI DSS, which means Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, is a global security standard developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, whose aim is to help organisations who process card payments to prevent credit card fraud, any form of hacking, as well as be protected from weaknesses and potential threats as regards security. The fact that the platform is entirely secure is shown by a key at the bottom of your screen (https). This way, you’ll be placing your order confidentially and, more importantly, securely!

Promotional code

Before paying for the items in your basket, you can fill in a promotional code (click here for more information).

Number of labels per purchase

For technical reasons, the contents of your shopping basket is limited to 50 labels. If you already have 50 labels, you will have to pay for them before you can create new ones. If you’re sending more than 10 parcels/week, we recommend you get in touch with one of our professionals in order to benefit from more attractive conditions and options. Request a quote


If you explicitly request an invoice or proof of payment when you make your payment, you will be able to enter your professional data and VAT number. You will receive a proof of payment for each purchase made OR a monthly invoice listing only those parcels/options for which you requested an invoice, even if you’ve made separate purchases (find out more).

Print your label

Once your payment has been processed, print the label produced by our website (with a unique barcode) and stick it on your package so it’s visible and is not folded over an edge(read our packaging advice (fr)).

This label can be printed:

  • Either on your payment confirmation page
  • Or via the confirmation email which includes a PDF document with the label(s).

Have you registered?
If you have, you can also find your label via the MY SHIPMENTS page

Optimised printing format You can choose between:

  • A4: print up to 4 labels on an A4 sheet (faster and more environmentally-friendly);
  • A6: for a single label.

To set your printing preferences:

  • Go to ‘My Profile’;
  • Select from the screen showing the contents of your basket.

Drop off your parcel

You have a choice between :

  • our 1250 offices,
  • collection at the address of your choice
  • or one of our 125 parcel dispatching points

Find out more about our drop off solutions